Raul Geisler - Composer, Sound-Designer, Soundexperte

The year was 1993, a time when the first web browser was just emerging, MP3 was a burgeoning concept, and the sounds of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" filled the airwaves. In Frankfurt, I, Raul Geisler, an independent composer, was ignited by a potent vision: To build a music studio that could elevate brands from being simply seen to deeply heard and felt.

Fast-forward to 2014, and the seeds of that dream bore fruit in the form of Playroom Studios. A place that embodies innovation, uniqueness, and unwavering confidence. A place where music isn't just a passion - it's a calling.

Why Playroom Studios, you ask? Because we are a collective of creatives bound by a shared belief in the power of sound. And while I may have moved from being a solo artist to leading a team, I still take on direct engagements, bringing the same commitment and zeal to every project.

For me, music is not just a playground – it's a domain where serious creativity takes flight. My primary mission, together with the Playroom Studios team, is to amplify brands and agencies through the captivating power of music.

Despite the growth and evolution, one thing remains unchanged: my unwavering belief that ‘good enough’ just isn’t. Sound is a language that speaks directly to our emotions, and it deserves nothing less than our full dedication and expertise. If you believe in the power of sound as much as we do, let's start a conversation - whether that’s with me directly or with the talented team at Playroom Studios. Let's make some beautiful music together.

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